Identification and Characterisation of Microorganisms

Identification and characterisation services offered at the IEGM Collection include classical, chemotaxonomic and genetic methods for determining the taxonomic status and phylogenetic position of microorganisms.

Only organisms up to, and including, risk group 2 (see Council Directive 93/88/EEC on the protection of workers from risks related to exposure to biological agents at work//Official Journal of European Communities, No L 268/71 of 29.10.1993) are acceptable for study.

All relevant modern taxonomic methods are in use which include:

  • Morphology
Light microscopy

Electron microscopy

  • Physiology
Physiological tests using classical test systems. Evaluation of the data using numerical methods
  • Chemotaxonomy
Determination of the cell wall structure (amino acid and sugar composition) by TLC

Analysis of the cellular polar lipid composition by TLC

Analysis of the cellular fatty acid composition by GC

Bacterial whole-cell protein electrophoresis

Immunochemical analysis

  • Molecular biological studies
Specific amplification of 16S - RNA genes using PCR


Other Services

Identification per strain/specimen $ 80 US. Universities and educational institutes $ 25 US.

Preservation of 10 ampoules freeze-dried materials $ 90 US.

Deposit and Maintenance of Cultures

Training courses in the methods of isolation, cultivation and identification of alkanotrophic microorganisms $ 800 US per 14 days.

Consultancy in biodestruction (e.g. gaseous and liquid n-alkanes, aromatics, crude oil) and biosynthesis (e.g. fatty acids, biosurfactants) properties of alkanotrophs $ 250 US.

Contract research - estimates of costs without obligation on request.