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Rhodococcus Surfactant Medium (RS Medium)

Composition per liter:

K2HPO4 2.0 g
KH2PO4 2.0 g
KNO3 1.0 g
(NH4)2SO4 2.0 g
NaCl 1.0 g
MgSO4 . 7H2O 0.2 g
CaCl2 . 2H2O 0.02 g
FeCl3 . 7H2O 0.01 g
Trace element solution 1.0 ml

pH 6.8-7.0

Preparation of Medium: Yeast extract (0.1 % w/v) is added to the sterilized basal medium. Mixture of n-alkanes (C10-C16 or C12-C17) is used as the sole carbon source at a concentration of 3.0 vol. %. Autoclave liquid media at 121oC for 30 min, agarized - at 105oC for 20 min.

Reference: Ivshina, I.B., Kuyukina, M.S., Philp, J.C., Christofi, N. 1998. Oil desorption from mineral and organic materials using biosurfactant complexes produced by Rhodococcus species. World J. Microbiol. & Biotechnol.