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Rhodococcus corynebacterioides (Serrano et al. 1972) Yassin and Schaal 2005

Basonym: Nocardia corynebacterioides Serrano et al. 1972

IEGM 931

<- 2010, T.N. Kamenskikh, IEGM, R10 5-3. Isolated from: soil, Arctium tomentosum rhizosphere, petrol station, Perm, Russia. Taxonomy/description: 99,82% (549/550) similarity of 16S rRNA with X80615 Rhodococcus corynebacterioides DSM 20151T. Properties: uses normal hydrocarbons (C14, C16), aliphatic alcohols (butan-1-ol) and aromatic hydrocarbons (xylole) as a sole carbon source; resistant to Zn2+ (5.0 mM). (Medium 2 or 8, 28oC).

Medium: 2, 8